I joined Brighteye Ventures in 2018 where I focus on the education space. Before that, I ran the marketing efforts at a social impact healthcare startup based in Mexico City, and spent time in the consulting industry in Mexico.

I have recently started a new learning journey by joining the Kauffman Fellows (class 27) and I created this VC journal (thanks to On Deck’s writer fellowship) because writing helps me reflect, structure my thinking and accelerate my learning process on things related to VC.

I’m always open to feedback and happy to meet new people, so feel free to reach out ✉️ if you want to meet for coffee in Paris or London.


L’Éducation au futur / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) the state of edtech funding in Europe in 1H 2022, (2) raising money for edtech founders in a downturn, and (3) how we – at Brighteye – assess and analyse collaboration with companies.

UPCOMING VC / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) the lessons learnt during my transition from operation to VC, (2) what it means to join a first-time fund like Brighteye, (3) how to position a new fund, and (4) how we see the future of EdTech.

Dans la tête d’un VC / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) the genesis of Brighteye, (2) the impact of COVID-19 on VCs and startups in Europe, and (3) the 4 avantages of being a thematic VC focused on EdTech.

EdTech France / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) EdTech investments in France, (2) macro trends in France and Europe, (3) how we assess EdTech startups at Brighteye, and (4) predictions on the future of EdTech in Europe.

Founders Factory / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) the blockers of innovation within K-12, (2) the impact of COVID-19 on the EdTech space, (3) the importance of soft skills, and (4) the future of K-12.

Forma Radio / Listen Now

We discuss: (1) what it means to be a VC, (2) the Brighteye investment thesis and the EdTech space, (3) the future of corporate training in Europe, and (4) the roles and value-add of CVCs.